Testimonials for Private Tutoring, SAT tutoring, and Math Instructor:

Private Tutoring:

Dennis Schulman has tutored my children for the past two years in Algebra I and II and precalculus. He has been conscientious, pleasant to work with, and an excellent instructor. My daughter’s grades have improved significantly. I heartily recommend Dennis Schulman as a math tutor.
-G.S., M.D.

Mr. Dennis Schulman has been tutoring our sons in Algebra I & II this year. He has helped them a great deal in understanding the concepts and their grades have improved. Not only does he have the ability to explain the material in a meaningful way, but he also has a very good rapport with students of this age group.
-N.H., Sacramento, CA

I am writing this letter to recommend Dennis Schulman as a math teacher and tutor. For the past few months he has been working with my son Greg in Precalculus. I have been impressed with his ability to dissect and explain seemingly complicated theories to Greg so that together they have been able to solve problems and learn. I feel sure that Mr. Schulman would have a very positive relationship with his students. Based on his studies with Greg, I feel that he would genuinely care about his students and their successes. It has been our pleasure to work with Mr. Schulman and I can definitely recommend him as a very fine math teacher.
-M.S., Sacramento

During the past year Dennis tutored my son in Algebra. My son Bob has average math ability. During the first quarter he received a D. At the end of the school year, with Mr. Schulman’s help, he brought the grade up to a B. I would recommend Dennis as a math tutor. It is my intention to ask him to tutor all four of my sons at a future date.
-J.W., West Sacramento

We had Mr. Dennis Schulman tutor our son at the end of the school year in Geometry. We are all convinced that he helped bring his grade point up one full point. He not only went over the week’s work with Tim, but gave him the confidence that the subject could be mastered. We plan to ask him to work with Tim again next year in Algebra II, but this time we will not wait so long.
-A.D., Citrus Heights

Dennis Schulman has been tutoring my son in Geometry for the past two months. My son’s grades have risen from D’s and F’s to B’s and B+’s . He has been very accommodating setting times for tutoring to fit my son’s busy schedule. I am very glad to have Dennis Schulman tutoring my son, but I wish we had not waited so long to hire him!
-V.F., Grass Valley, CA

This letter will attest to the competency of Dennis Schulman as a tutor. We hired Dennis to tutor our son last spring and found him to be a very helpful and conscientious and well qualified instructor. We feel our son definitely benefited from this experience and would not hesitate to request his help again.
-N.B., Sacramento

We have known Dennis for two years and, during that time, he has tutored Julie in Geometry and
Algebra II. Dennis is dependable and prompt as well as skilled in the subjects he teaches. Not only has Julie liked Dennis as a tutor, she has benefited from his help. We feel he has encouraged Julie to problem solve while building her self-confidence in the above mentioned subjects. We think it would be wonderful if other students had access to Dennis’s tutoring skills and teaching ability.
-J.C., Nevada City, CA

I have known Dennis Schulman since he has been tutoring my son, an 11th grade student at Rio Americano HS, in math. He has established a good working relationship with Jeffrey and has been able to encourage more effective study habits. Jeff’s grasp of fundamental concepts is improving with a resultant increase in his math scores. Dennis has proven himself to be a capable instructor who is conscientious and dependable. From the standpoint of satisfied parents, my wife and I are pleased to highly recommend Dennis for math teaching and tutoring. Our educational system needs more professionals with his qualifications and capabilities.
-E.S., M.D.

SAT tutoring:

My daughter’s scores went up 210 points after working with Mr. Schulman. Her attitude going into the test was much better and she had some excellent tools. Thank you! -B.R., SAT prep, Sacramento

My son really appreciated your class; his score improved 180 points. It was especially helpful for him to attend the class soon before he took the test. I will recommend your class highly to many people. Thank you! -G.W., SAT prep, Nevada City

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter did much better on the SAT May 4 than her previous time. She improved 80 points in math and 100 points in language arts for a 180 point improvement. I definitely think your class helped a lot with strategy and test-taking techniques. The interesting thing is that she felt this last test was “harder” than last time and she performed better! Thank you for your class which was well worth the time and expense.  -D.C., SAT prep, Granite Bay

My son achieved the score necessary to gain admission to the Air Force Academy after working with Dennis Schulman. -R.L., SAT prep, Rocklin

Thank you so much for your SAT prep course. It really helped me prepare for the test, and made me feel much more confident going into it. -L.E., SAT prep, Sacramento

My daughter reached her goal on the test after completing Schulman’s SAT Workshop. I will surely recommend this workshop to others. -C.B., SAT prep, Colfax

The workshop helped a lot and it was fun! -K.S., SAT prep, Nevada Union HS

The class taught me tricks I didn’t know on my own. -J.G., SAT prep, Bear River HS

My score went up over 100 points after I took your workshop. I now have a high enough score for acceptance to the Naval Academy. Thank you! -G.S., SAT prep, Lincoln

My score went up from 1250 to 1380 on the math and reading sections, after taking your class. Thank you so much for your help. -J.W., SAT prep, Folsom HS

My test score went up 110 points after taking Mr. Schulman’s SAT class. I was able to reach my score goal on the test. I also had a much more positive outlook while taking the test. I learned a multitude of tips and strategies for preparing as well as taking the SAT. Taking this class gave me the skills and confidence I needed to take the test and succeed. I have recommended the class to several of my friends and will certainly recommend it to others in the future. Mr. Schulman’s SAT class was definitely a fun and enjoyable way to increase my score! -L.L., SAT prep, Nevada City

Dennis Schulman’s workshop offers a reasonable schedule to a high school student. It allows the student to continue other activities, yet it is effective and thorough. My son’s (already high) score improved 100 points and I plan to enroll my other children in his workshop. -M.G., SAT prep, Sacramento

My daughter took your workshops for the SAT and ACT last year and ended up doing very well on both tests. She said the classes really helped a lot. She was accepted into all the UC schools she applied to and has decided to attend UC Berkeley. Thank you! -C.F., SAT prep, Sacrmamento

I attended your class out at the Hilton·I just wanted to let you know that your class raised my verbal scores 150 points! Thank you for such a helpful class! -N.H., SAT prep, Mira Loma HS, Sacramento

I am happy to report that I got a 1200 on my SAT math and reading sections. I know it wouldn’t have been nearly as good if it hadn’t been for your class. Thank you very much for your help.-E.G., SAT prep, Woodcreek HS, Roseville

I took your SAT prep course before the May SAT and I wanted to let you know that I was pleased with my score. I think your class helped me because it familiarized me with the types of questions that are on the test. Thanks so much for your class. I enjoyed it. -K.P., SAT prep, Granite Bay HS

I took the SAT’s, and my math was much better than I expected. Thanks for the help.
-J.D., SAT prep, Nevada Union HS

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter did much better on the SAT May 4 than her previous time. She improved 80 points in math and 100 points in language arts for a 180 point improvement. I definitely think your class helped a lot with strategy and test-taking techniques. The interesting thing is that she felt this last test was “harder” than last time and she performed better! Thank you for your class which was well worth the time and expense. – D.C., SAT prep, Granite Bay

I took the SAT’s, and my math was much better than I expected. Thanks for the help.
J.D.- SAT prep, Nevada Union HS

After speaking to a supervisor at Collegeboard yesterday, I got Jason’s results today. He did so much better than the first go around. He raised his math score from 530 to 640 and verbal from 470 to 560. That’s 200 more than before your course and tutoring. Jason is very happy. Now he says he can definitely do better on the verbal. Thanks for your help. – B.C., SAT prep, Roseville

Hello Mr. Schulman, . I took one of your classes after I took my SAT for the first time and scored a lowly 940 on math and reading. However, after taking your class I scored an 1160, up 220 points!! What is even more amazing is that although I took your class in March, my SATs were in May, almost 2 months after your classes ended. What you said in those classes stayed in my brain, which is very rare. I am certain it was your class that helped my score go up to such a great extent.. Thank you again, I hope your classes continue to stay full! have a great night.
Always~ K.S., SAT prep, Placer HS, Auburn

After getting an 1860 on my PSAT, I enrolled in Schulman’s workshop to boost that number on the actual SAT. My post-Schulman SAT score was 2020, a dramatic improvement, especially in math. My math score went from a 600 to a 770. With that higher SAT score, I became a legitimate recruit for Ivy League football teams, and next year, I will be attending Yale University and playing in “The Game”.
-M.S., SAT prep, Auburn, CA

Mr. Schulman, I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your SAT class. Scott really benefited from your small class size and individual attention. He attends a private High School and was apprehensive about the large classes others offer. We received his scores this morning and he really increased his scores. He said it was solely due to your class and I thank you.  -C. G. SAT prep, Rhode Island

I took your SAT class in Sept. in Auburn. I had a 300 point increase! I’m so happy and wanted to thank you very much. Keep doing what you’re doing – it is great.  -F. C. , SAT prep, Auburn

I wanted to share a success story concerning one of your students from the Auburn, CA class you ran in September/October. Last night we received my daughter’s SAT scores from the October test. She made remarkable improvement, raising her scores by 80 points in reading, 50 points in math, and 80 points in writing, for a total increase of 210 points! Thanks so much. Your class made a huge difference in Tess’s confidence level and overall comfort approaching the SAT for the 2nd time. -S.B., SAT prep, Auburn

Math Instructor:

Dennis Schulman has been a math teacher in our school for six years, working at all levels from beginning fractions to trigonometry. During this period I have been continually impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm he brings to his lessons. He has a keen interest in relating to his students and demonstrates a special aptitude for challenging those with advanced abilities. Of special note is Mr. Schulman’s work with the topics of problem solving and mental math. His innovative lessons in these areas have helped many students develop a mental alertness and flexibility that will benefit them throughout their lives.

I highly recommend Mr. Schulman for any position in the field of mathematics.   -M.D., Director, Education for Life International


Dennis Schulman has been employed in the San Juan Unified School District as an instructor working with the Home and Hospital Instruction Program since October, 1980. The majority of his case load has been students in grades 9-12. However he has instructed students at all grade levels with both regular and special education needs.

Mr. Schulman holds a single subject credential in math and typically serves high school students who are high achievers taking advanced courses, particularly in the field of math.

Mr. Schulman is a responsible and experienced teacher who is able to plan creatively and effectively to meet the educational needs of some of our brightest students when they are homebound. He has worked closely with regular classroom instructors at all of the district’s comprehensive high schools in order to ensure continued academic success for the students he serves.

I recommend Mr. Schulman to you as a highly qualified instructor with a wealth of valuable experience he has obtained through working with the Home and Hospital Instruction Program.   -C.D., Program Specialist, Home and Hospital Instruction Program

It is my pleasure to recommend Dennis Schulman, a man of exceptional teaching ability to your school district. Dennis has substituted for me in mathematics several times, and on each occasion has performed his job in a superior, professional way.

My students tell me he conducts his classes in an interesting manner and maintains good order and discipline with a friendly, cheerful attitude. He sticks to the subject and encourages the classes to do their best. He genuinely likes and understands young people.   -R.F., Math Department, C.K. McClatchy HS, Sacramento, CA