Small Classes

Small classes for SAT or ACT tutoring are available throughout the year.  Usually people get their own groups together and I will travel to the home of one of the students in the group to conduct the classes.  Any size group will work.  The cost will be the same regardless of the size of the group, but the length of the class will vary.  With groups of two or three, classes are two hours long, for four or more students, classes are 2.5 hours.   Classes are $100 per student per class for classes of four or more students.  For classes of two students the charge is $125 per student.  For three, it is $115 per student.    I generally recommend at least four classes, but have done ten or more with some students.  There is no limit to the number of classes that will benefit students.  Like all areas of study, the more practice the better.  I do feel that four or five classes provides a good amount of time to learn the important techniques to improve their performance, as long as they practice a lot on their own.

I do provide a discount for siblings who want to work together in a small group.