Math Teacher Testimonials

Dennis Schulman has been a math teacher in our school for six years, working at all levels from beginning fractions to trigonometry. During this period I have been continually impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm he brings to his lessons. He has a keen interest in relating to his students and demonstrates a special aptitude for challenging those with advanced abilities. Of special note is Mr. Schulman’s work with the topics of problem solving and mental math. His innovative lessons in these areas have helped many students develop a mental alertness and flexibility that will benefit them throughout their lives.

I highly recommend Mr. Schulman for any position in the field of mathematics.   -M.D., Director, Education for Life International


Dennis Schulman has been employed in the San Juan Unified School District as an instructor working with the Home and Hospital Instruction Program since October, 1980. The majority of his case load has been students in grades 9-12. However he has instructed students at all grade levels with both regular and special education needs.

Mr. Schulman holds a single subject credential in math and typically serves high school students who are high achievers taking advanced courses, particularly in the field of math.

Mr. Schulman is a responsible and experienced teacher who is able to plan creatively and effectively to meet the educational needs of some of our brightest students when they are homebound. He has worked closely with regular classroom instructors at all of the district’s comprehensive high schools in order to ensure continued academic success for the students he serves.

I recommend Mr. Schulman to you as a highly qualified instructor with a wealth of valuable experience he has obtained through working with the Home and Hospital Instruction Program.   -C.D., Program Specialist, Home and Hospital Instruction Program


It is my pleasure to recommend Dennis Schulman, a man of exceptional teaching ability to your school district. Dennis has substituted for me in mathematics several times, and on each occasion has performed his job in a superior, professional way.

My students tell me he conducts his classes in an interesting manner and maintains good order and discipline with a friendly, cheerful attitude. He sticks to the subject and encourages the classes to do their best. He genuinely likes and understands young people.   -R.F., Math Department, C.K. McClatchy HS, Sacramento, CA