Although most of my work is now test prep, I continue to work as a math teacher and math tutor.  I can work with students in all areas of math through precalculus.  I am also available to do workshops in schools for mental math and problem solving.  For many students, I find these two areas are the weakest and most central for success in math.  Through mental math exercises, students learn basic number sense, which is the foundation of much of the math they do through high school.  As long as students know their multiplication tables and single digit addition, they can learn to work quickly with mental calculations of larger numbers.  These exercises build up their confidence in math, help them improve in their high school math classes, and help them think more quickly, which helps in all their subjects.  I have helped many students over the years with mental math exercises and most of them find them to be fun.  As for problem solving, the SAT is primarily a problem solving test and many students lack basic problem solving skills.  These skill should be taught in elementary and middle school math classes but are either not taught well, or students have forgotten them by the time they take the SAT.  I have many problem solving materials, which I use with students of all grade levels.  Many of them are fun activities and really, all activities are a lot more fun when you understand them and can succeed at solving them.